Vergil Smith
4 min readJul 3, 2021




MACH: (to Audience) What the fuck is reality? I want to know because in my head I am not sure what is real and what I am making up. The division is not so clear to me. I make up stories in my head where people have done something to me and the truth is they haven’t. I even go farther and plan out my response to someone or some event and neither event nor person is real. I really get caught up in this shit. I play it over and over in my head and have no idea nothing is real in there until the pain starts or becomes too much. I can see a person I know and have a very mean agenda rolling in my head based upon the event I created in my head the day before. Does that make sense?

Next question? How long have I been doing this type of insanity? How often do I do it now? What has happened to twist me up in the past based upon this lunacy? I spend hours thinking about what I am thinking about.

The answer? Turn off the brain. Shut it down. (Preps crack pipe). That’s what drugs do. It is possible to shut it off in other ways, but that takes time. I don’t have time. I need to get there now.

MACH hits pipe, holds it for a count of 4, and then dramatically exhales a very large amount of smoke upward. As he exhales, the same music from the HEADING OUT scene begins to play. It grows in intensity with the scene.

The actor quickly removes his clothes … they appear to just fall off of him. He is naked. His voice is now “mic’d” and takes on an eerie echo as the monologue progresses. Although it is the actor speaking, it sounds as if the voice comes from elsewhere … a dark, Satan-like quality)

(Loud, long sigh) Welcome to the House of Pain nigga. This is where you get your shit off, but there is a price. Seek it, Mutha Fucka, seek it! I tell you, you will never find a better way. This is it! This is it, my nigga. Now, just open wide and pull it in. (Takes a hit on the crack pipe) Hold it! Hold it! (Long exhale) Feels soooooooooooooo goooooooood don’t it? Yeah … you like this shit, doncha nigga? Say you like it …. SAY YOU LIKE IT! YOU KNOW THIS IS THE BEST SHIT YOU HAVE EVER HAD IN YOUR LIFE! I got cha now. Take another one. (pause). How ya feelin? Yeah, I know. Everything feels good, don’t it? Nothing, I mean NOTHING is as good as this shit. You will love it forever. Nothing else matters now. You have found your love. You have found what you have been looking for. Fuck those other people. Fuck your friends. Fuck … even fuck your family! Nothing, nothing, nothing else matters. I got you and you got me. Now, go on. Go on out there and do what you got to do to be with me. I am always here for ya. No matter what you feelin, I can make it go away. Love me. Love. Me. Feel your boys, nigga! They feel big and ready to burst wide open. Yeah … you got that feeling (MACH lies on his stomach) Yeah, nigga. You want to fuck. It’s hard ain’t it? Yeah, I know. I know what you want. I know how to make you feel it. Get it on nigga. (MACH humps the floor). Fuck it, Stand up nigga. Stand. The. Fuck. Up! (MACH stands up and faces upstage as he masturbates with intensity. His breathing grows labored) Fuck these people. They don’t mean shit to you. You got to get yours. You got to get it now! Do it, Mutha Fucka! DO IT!! Hell Yeah …. (MACH orgasms. Silence. Long pause)

We hear the following text as a voiceover.

That shit was good huh? Yeah, mutha fucka … there lots more where that came from. You can get it anytime you want it. Hell, why be alone? Get up, bitch. Stop tweekin and get up. Ya caught up, ain’t cha? (pause) Get up! (MACH gets up and begins to slowly get dressed.) You can get anybody you want. Anybody, it don’t matter. All you need is me with you. Turn them on to me and it’s on! Anytime. (Ominous white noise, music and laughter. MACH is very high at this point and is shaking and tweeking) Anywhere. (more noise and laughter). I guarantee.

MUSIC/NOISE crescendo to extreme, then a sudden stop … a long, steady bell sound that fades out as the actor freezes. MACH tries to move, but he is unable to do so. He is trapped, but desperately wants to move. He is choking. There is no air. As the actor goes into a panic attack, we have …